Try it with corruption!

The secret of success of our cousins, friends and amigos

How do I earn an hourly wage of 25,000 euros? How do I get a free luxury vacation?

Some people shy away from the royal road to wealth and happiness because they think corruption is illegal and outlawed. However, in recent years Germany and Austria have produced a number of internationally recognized figures in the field of corruption, for that we can study the most varied forms of corruption and their clean execution.

This books provides that knowledge to a wider public. It explains how corruption works on the basis of current best practice models. It helps to avoid mistakes and to proceed consistently with know-how and prudence.

This practical compendium also includes a section on how to start your own business plan. Furthermore it has valuable tips on crisis management, such as fighting negative press, judicial inquiries, and investigation committees.

(Book only in German)

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"Not one hundred percent serious, but charming and enlightening."


"Enlightenment can not be funnier."


"The cleanly researched methods and storyboards that this book has ready for you are just terrific!"


"Satirical Advisor for Opportunists"


"The reference book for immoral action is here!"

Compliance Manager

"The laid-back style and the unfathomable teaching examples make this hodgepodge of insane acts a wonderfully bizarre reading experience."

Titel Kulturmagazin

"Heart-refreshing real satire"


"Just awesome"

"Amusing to read"

"The title holds what it promises"

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WOZ Wochenzeitung

"Enlightenment as amusement"