Corruption tour through Vienna

The way to the sunspots of society

Do you want to become successfully corrupt? Then join us! The path to success leads us through the historical center of Vienna.

Let our charming and humorous actors Barbara Braun and Jimi Lend guide you to the most corrupt places in town. Now take the first step!


Participants describe the tour as:

"Great idea, excellent implementation." – Anonymous

"I have hardly ever enjoyed such an amusing tour with scandalous backgrounds!" – Anonymous

"ingenious idea: very competent and fun execution; it made lots of fun, though I was constantly reminded about the unbelievable costs caused by these corruptionists (of course they are innocent until proven guilty)." – Herbert Schöll

"very nice and funny, while at the same time informative" – P.S.

"The training and the way how knowledge is transmitted was excellent. Unfortunately I couldn't use it yet to make millions. I urgently need another training!" – Jürgen

"Very entertaining afternoon program, which gives you a good overview of scandalous cronyism, courtesy, etc." – Anonym

"Keep going - maybe a second version?" – Barbara Burr

"funny, but unfortunately there's the laugh in the throat." – Anonym

"... it should be more actively promoted to make it more well known." – Anonym

"Education differently: A course leads to the sites of corruption and shows how one earns millions in Austria."

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"Corruption can be learned."

"The 'Institute of Applied Corruption' explains how to get the most out of it while walking through Vienna."

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